Satori was founded in 1998 with the intention of bringing a positive and sustainable perspective to skateboarding. The word "Satori" comes from Japanese Buddhism and means "pure awareness", "instantaneous enlightenment", a state of consciousness.  Co-founder, Craig Nejedly, had been reading a book by Dan Millman called The "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" when fellow co-founder called him up with the idea to start a wheel company.  Instantly, Craig said let's name the company Satori!!  And the rest is history.  Satori describes that magic moment in skateboarding when you pop your tail to do a trick and at that moment, from mindless action to rolling away, is that blissful state of Satori.  Nothing feels better than rolling away from a hard trick!  You have to let all the thoughts go and just do the trick! That is Satori Movement~ For decades, Satori has pioneered in bringing more sustainability to skateboarding and lifestyle culture.   Satori was the first wheel company ever to figure out a way to recycle used wheels as urethane can not simply be melted down like other plastics.  It took years of focus and innovation to develop the "Relife" recycled wheel program to keep the urethane from going to the garbage dump.  Relife wheels are made with over 60% post-consumer recycled urethane; truly amazing wheels with a unique look and quality, smooth ride.  Satori also incorporates veggie oil into some formulas to offset the use of petroleum oil in the urethane as well as other innovative and sustainable approaches to manufacturing products. Satori Movement strives to do its part to make the world a better place, one push at a time~  Keep it rolling!